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Suitable for VegetariansScience-based nutritionDietary supplementSupports blood vessel healthPromotes healthy circulationBest Vein Support contains DiosVein™‚ a form of the flavonoid diosmin‚ which has been used for over thirty years as a vascular-supportive agent in Europe. DiosVein™ is derived from sweet orange and is a rich source of bioflavonoids. Clinical studies conducted in Europe have shown DiosVein™ to be particularly effective at supporting the health of blood vessels and promoting normal circulatory function. Further clinical trials have found that diosmin used in combination with the flavonoid hesperidin supports healthy venous function.Benefits:Supports Blood Vessel HealthPromotes Healthy CirculationFlavonoids and Blood Vessel HealthDiosmin is a natural flavonoid that can also be isolated from the flavonoid hesperidin‚ which is derived from citrus fruits. DiosVein™ is derived specifically from Sweet Orange. When taken orally by humans‚ diosmin is converted to diosmetin by the bacterial flora of the intestines prior to being absorbed into the bloodstream. Certain studies suggest that diosmin has numerous beneficial effects on blood vessels and circulation. These effects include enhancing venous tone‚ supporting lymphatic drainage‚ promoting the health of cells comprising the blood vessel lining and supporting normal‚ but not excessive‚ capillary permeability. Flavonoids in general may support vessel health by preventing the abnormal synthesis of prostaglandins and related mediators‚ or by blocking the adverse effects of these substances on venous tissue.The flavonoids diosmin and hesperidin have been recommended by practitioners for decades in Europe to support venous function and tone. A number of factors and conditions that are brought about by lifestyle choices‚ diet and environmental influences can affect venous tone and function as we age. Supplementing with the flavonoids diosmin and hesperidin can support the health of the circulatory system and may help maintain its critical function throughout our lives. Numerous studies conducted in Europe support this notion.One of the largest studies assessing the effects of a specific combination of flavonoids on venous health was conducted in 23 countries worldwide between March 1997 and December 1998. The study was performed as a prospective multi-center controlled trial in which 10‚000 individuals with compromised venous function were recruited. Overall‚ of those deemed eligible‚ individuals completed the study. Individuals were supplemented with 1‚000 mg of the flavonoid preparation consisting of diosmin and hesperidin daily for 6 months. Follow-up visits to assess parameters of venous function were scheduled every two months. Significant and progressive improvements were noted in quality-of-life surveys with flavonoid supplementation. Parameters of venous function and tone also

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